A modern doll that attracts attention from the fashion industry
Christmas display in Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
IDÉE and Akira Minagawa</br>The POOL Project - Manufacturing by Pooling and Converting
Kyoto Montsuki, A Century-Old Dye House: From Traditional Industry to Sustainable Company
Saving the World from Crisis Through the Power of Fashion.What Actions Has Philanthropist Kikka Hanazawa Taken?
Logistics: Logistics Center Directly Connected with Factory<br>Our Inventory Control System Shortens Lead Time
Quality Control: Quality Testing Division Established in Factory<br>Speedy Action to Supply High-Quality Products
SHINDO Ribbons Brighten Student Fashion Show - ESMOD JAPON Class of 2020 Graduation Collection
SHINDO's Initiatives for Ensuring a Sustainable Future for the Earth and Humanity
Product Planning Staff Report on Première Vision AW 2020-21!


SHINDO, the world’s leading manufacturer of narrow-woven textiles for apparel, undertakes integrated production at its own factory for all processes from planning and development to dyeing, weaving and knitting, and post-processing.
We will now explain how SHINDO, as a manufacturer, commits itself to manufacturing.


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