IDÉE and Akira Minagawa</br>The POOL Project - Manufacturing by Pooling and Converting
Kyoto Montsuki, A Century-Old Dye House: From Traditional Industry to Sustainable Company
Saving the World from Crisis Through the Power of Fashion.What Actions Has Philanthropist Kikka Hanazawa Taken?
Logistics: Logistics Center Directly Connected with Factory<br>Our Inventory Control System Shortens Lead Time
Quality Control: Quality Testing Division Established in Factory<br>Speedy Action to Supply High-Quality Products
SHINDO Ribbons Brighten Student Fashion Show - ESMOD JAPON Class of 2020 Graduation Collection
SHINDO's Initiatives for Ensuring a Sustainable Future for the Earth and Humanity
Product Planning Staff Report on Première Vision AW 2020-21!
TOMO KOIZUMI, Expressing Feelings of Gratitude Through Ribbon at New York Fashion Week
S.I.C., the SHINDO's original brand, offers ribbons and trimmings that add comfort, strength and beauty


SHINDO, the world’s leading manufacturer of narrow-woven textiles for apparel, undertakes integrated production at its own factory for all processes from planning and development to dyeing, weaving and knitting, and post-processing.
We will now explain how SHINDO, as a manufacturer, commits itself to manufacturing.


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